Law Office SKARBIEC represents foreign companies seeking to invest and participate in Polish market. We can offer you practical, prudent advice on just about any legal problem you may face dealing with Polish business entities or authorities.


Our law firm can assist you in company registration in Poland as well as establishing any kind of economic activity which is permitted by the Polish law.


Furthermore, our job is not only to register the company, but to provide you with complex legal advise concerning investment in Poland. We assist foreign companies in complying with state and local laws, and treaties to which Poland is a party, including Polish tax law, commercial law, labour law and administrative law.


We cooperate with accountants, operators of virtual offices, real estate agents, recruitment intermediaries, thus enabling you to obtain overall knowledge on investment in Poland, which is not limited to legal issues.


Company Formation in Poland


An economic activity in Poland can be conducted in the form of:


- a individual business activity (sole proprietorship, also known as the sole trader or simply a proprietorship)


- partnership, that is a registered partnership, or a professional partnership, or a limited partnership, or a limited joint-stock partnership;


- corporation, that is a limited liability company, or a joint-stock company.


EU-citizens and nationals of EFTA countries belonging to ECC can benefit from the same rules as Polish citizens. However not every form of activity is available to non-nationals.


A foreign persons can conduct business activity in Poland in the form of: limited partnership; limited joint-stock partnership; limited liability company; joint-stock company. They are also allowed to start their own individual business activity.


In addition a foreign entrepreneur can open a branch office or a representative office in Poland.


The most common and preferable for the foreign entrepreneur is a limited liability company.


We can also help you to establish a virtual office in Poland.




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